Monday, August 1, 2022

A New Chapter

 Where did summer go?  Seriously, it felt like it was June yesterday and now we are into August! How has your summer been so far?  Mine had its ups and downs.  I relaxed, rested up, read some fantastic books, visited some interesting places in my state, WV, with my hubby and painted my heart out. Sadly though, our furbaby, Sylvester, crossed the rainbow bridge in July. I had a hard time losing him. Him and his sister were a huge part of our life and after we lost her last year, losing him too was completely heartbreaking.  Those two will always be with me and they will live forever as my two loveable characters in my books, Imagination Destination and Bullies? No Worries!

I wrote a new book involving these two last summer and worked on a few illustrations for it but this summer, my heart just wasn't into working on it. I wasn't sure if I even would finish it, but I think I will try and finish it. Keep their memory alive.  It involves my two favorite characters, Kali and Tux, as they go on a summer camping adventure.  

Change is hard, that is for sure. Since losing Sylvester, my hubby convinced me to adopt two cuties from our local shelter. I'm sure these two will be included in some future projects.  Meet Pebbles and Lulu. 

It was tough for me having two new kitties in my home. It made me miss my others so much more at first but after a little while, they helped heal my heart. 

I do not own the rights to this image, it was found on, author unknown. 

This saying is something I believe in, even though it can be hard to turn that page. Change is always happening, sometimes good, sometimes bad and sometimes it takes the bad to make the good happen.  I love parts of my job but the stress of it is getting more and more and I'm too a point, the stress isn't worth it anymore.  I hope to one day have a job that makes me happier and allows me more time to work on art and books. Hopefully that chapter is coming up soon in my life.  If you are experiencing some highs and lows as well, don't be afraid to turn the page. 

              I do not own the rights to this image, it was found on, author unknown. 

Enjoy the rest of summer! 

Friday, June 3, 2022

Fun in the Summer Ideas

Hi y,all! I know I've been quiet this year. This is actually my first blog of 2022. Work was extremely difficult this year and from the news I received recently, next year won't be any better. Not sure what all that means but I'm going to try not to stress and think about it for a little while and just relax for my first week of summer break. 

I love summer and all the fun things to do. Need some ideas that won't break the bank? Here are a few of my favorites for indoor and outdoor fun. Enjoy! 

Explore State Parks

 Exploring state parks is one of our favorite summer trip ideas. We love being outdoors and exploring new places. 

Virtual Trips

These are some of my favorite lessons in my classroom.  I am a shark lover as you may or may not know, so the Georgia Aquarium and their live webcams is a staple in my class and home. I love all of their cameras.


I love this site and am proud to be a part of it.  A few of the coloring, activity and craft pages on there were created by me.


Lego Challenge 


I love this guy and have had the privilege of meeting him a couple of times when he visited our school. He teaches kids how to draw using letters and numbers, He has a youtube page with tons of videos, or you can buy his books on his website Home | Harptoons- Drawing with Steve Harpster. Check him out. 



We use this site every day in my room and in PE. It offers hours of fun videos that keep your child active. You will find fun and silly videos, dancing tutorials, mindfulness, yoga, brain exercises, how to videos and more.


Some Fun Hands-On DIY Ideas

Just click on the picture to make it bigger.

Books and Coloring Sheets

You can learn more about my books and find downloadable coloring sheets on my website Rebecca Lyndsey - Home (

DIY Games

Be creative and make your own games like ring toss, checkers, glow in the dark bowling using simple supplies. You can find so many fun, easy ideas on Pinterest. 

Friday, December 31, 2021

A Whole New Year

 As we say goodbye to the year 2021 and hello to 2022, I wonder, do you make New Year Resolutions? 

Me, not so much. I will however think about some realistic things I would like to try and accomplish, like, finish five illustrations by the end of summer or create at least five blog posts. 

I think for most of us, the last few years have been different and more stressful than ever. I do try to think of everything I'm truly thankful for through the hard times though, which helps with the stress. 

This year, I want to start it out with some fun and inspirational quotes. I don't own the rights to any of the images, they were all found on and I don't know if the quote was actually said by the author listed but I'm not too concerned about that anyway. 

Enjoy! 😊

Happy New            Year! 

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Christmas Gift Ideas

December is here, cooler weather has settled into most of North America, and 2021 has almost come to an end. It has been one heck of a year. Way harder than last year ever was, at least for me. I'm hoping for happier times in 2022!

Christmas is almost here, and Hanukah has begun, for all that celebrate.  Need a gift idea?  Books make great gifts for all ages! So, I decided to share some of my favorites. 

Childrens Books

Maxy-Moo Flies to the Moon by Julie Schooler 

“Maxy-Moo, it’s time for bed!”
“No!” he stomps, shaking his head.
“No bed yet, it’s way too soon.
Instead, I want to fly to the moon.”

Maxy-Moo escapes his bed and flies to the moon where an amazing adventure awaits him.

Young and old will enjoy the simple rhymes and bold illustrations in this fun and whimsical bedtime story.

 Amazon Link

Stella and the Four Seasons by Rosie Russell 

Using beautiful acrostic poems, Stella shares her love of the four seasons.
Young readers will enjoy searching for Stella's favorite things.
Fun facts and learning activities are included in the back of this book.

Amazon Link

Sweet T and the Turtle Team by Cat Michaels

Summering on Gull Island is lonely until nine-year-old Sweet T meets Billy, a boy with a secret. He knows a lot about sea animals, so T can't figure out why he won’t help her watch over endangered sea turtle nests. Then a tropical storm hits. Will the children stay safe? Can they work together to save the hatchlings from an angry ocean? Join Little Red Bear and his friends on a series of thrilling and sometimes offbeat adventures in the scenic Ozarks Mountain Country. You never know who (or what) you may encounter while searching for honey or in an afternoon of fishing. 

Cat Michaels Webpage

The Adventures of Little Red Bear: The First Holler by James Milson 

Join Little Red Bear and his friends on a series of thrilling and sometimes offbeat adventures in the scenic Ozarks Mountain Country. You never know who (or what) you may encounter while searching for honey or in an afternoon of fishing. 

Amazon Link

Into the Ocean by Rebecca Lyndsey 

Join GW on an undersea tour. Into the Ocean is a fun, educational early reader chapter book that takes you and your children on a submarine voyage into our world's oceans with tour guide, GW (the friendliest shark you'll ever meet). Discover some of the amazing marine animals that call the sea their home and other fantastic ocean facts during your tour. Along the way, GW will entertain you with all his ocean knowledge and silly jokes.

Rebecca Lyndsey Webpage

Adult Books

Jackrabbit Jingle Bells by Ann Charles 

Holiday Recipe for Madcap Merrymaking in Jackrabbit Junction
Start with a bawdy night sprinkled with tinsel tassels and jingle balls, toss in a missing pair of underwear, and top it all off with plenty of sugary shenanigans. Serve with a side of naughty and nice.

Claire Morgan and her sisters are a tad twitchy. Their father is on his way for their first Christmas in Arizona, but the tidings of joy are few and far between. For one thing, their mother is pissed about her ex-husband flying in to play Santa. For another, their mother is just pissed. Period.

Christmas will never be the same again for the Morgan sisters.

(Note: This is volume 4.7 in the Jackrabbit Junction Mystery series.)

Amazon Link

Ancient Winds (The Pathway Series Book 3) by Kristy McCaffrey

Brynn Galloway doesn’t know it, but her academic career in archaeology is about to become a laughingstock. When a rare Sumerian artifact surfaces, her presence is requested in Bolivia, but nothing is as it seems. Soon, she’s entangled in a desperate hunt not only for a valuable antiquity but also for answers to humanity that might stretch across time. And by her side is a sexy mercenary physicist with a maddening belief in space aliens.

Dr. Tristan Magee is in a bad mood. When his latest acquisition—an unusual and as yet untranslated Sumerian cuneiform tablet—is stolen right out from under him and spirited away to the Bolivian jungle, he’ll do whatever it takes to get it back. Unfortunately, that includes partnering with a female archaeologist who proves to be the kind of distraction that brought down civilizations.

Amazon Link

RoomMaid by Sariah Wilson 

Madison Huntington is determined to live her dreams. That means getting out from under her family’s wealth and influence by saying no to the family business, her allowance, and her home. But on a teacher’s salary, the real world comes as a rude awakening—especially when she wakes up every morning on a colleague’s couch. To get a place of her own (without cockroaches, mold, or crime scene tape), Madison accepts a position as a roommaid. In exchange for free room and board, all she needs to do is keep her busy roommate’s penthouse clean and his dog company. So what if she’s never washed a dish in her life. She can figure this out, right?

Madison is pretty confident she can fake it well enough that Tyler Roth will never know the difference. The finance whiz is rich and privileged and navigates the same social circles as her parents—but to him she’s just a teacher in need of an apartment. He’s everything Madison has run from, but his kindhearted nature, stomach-fluttering smile, and unexpected insecurities only make her want to get closer. And Tyler is warming to the move.

Amazon Link

That Second Chance by Meghan Quinn 

It was supposed to be an innocent night, celebrating my brother’s birthday. Nothing was supposed to go wrong. We’d vowed to be on our best behavior after all…

But it only took one rowdy night with my brothers to flip my world upside down. One unlucky encounter saddled us with a family curse and the promise of doomed relationships. I laughed it off immediately. “Yeah, right,” I thought. “A love curse. Ha!”

Boy, was I wrong.

Word spreads quickly in a town like mine; rumors about that night soon made us the most eligible yet untouchable bachelors in Port Snow, Maine. As a subject of endless gossip and speculation, I could kiss my dating life goodbye.

It would have stayed that way if Ren Winters, the new girl in town, hadn’t crashed into my life. Brave, beautiful, and smart—her vivacious thirst for a fresh start has given me hope that maybe, just maybe, I can have one too.

Everyone wishes for that second chance…but could this really be mine?

Amazon Link

Endless Shadows: Shadows Landing Book 7 by Kathleen Brooks

Ryker Faulkner has built his empire by being ruthless. No one knows the full extent Ryker has gone to in order to build himself up from nothing to one of the most powerful men in the country. So when someone comes after him, everyone knows the last thing Ryker will do is sit back and watch it burn. Kenzie Carys was used to being in the shadows. She was a nurse on night shift. Then you save the life of the man one of the hospital wings is named after and suddenly Kenzie finds herself face to face with Ryker Faulkner being gifted an award for saving his life. She’d heard the whispers about the dark, dangerous, powerful, and ruthless Ryker before. However, when Kenzie looked at him, she saw under the ruthlessness. She saw something much deeper—a damaged man looking for redemption. But will Ryker’s ruthlessness in going after the person trying to crumble his empire cause him to lose the one woman who has made him feel alive again?

Amazon Link

These are just a few of my favorites but if the descriptions don't really entice you, all these authors have many books out and I'm sure you will find the one that will make the perfect gift!  Maybe even a gift for yourself. I won't tell!

Hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!