Thursday, January 10, 2019

Happy 2019!

        Christmas has come and gone, the ball has dropped and 2018 is in the past as we welcome in 2019. My author pals and I are sharing our hopes - on the writing road and in our family life - for  2019 in our #Gr8Blog hop: “What I Want to Accomplish in 2019 Even if I Don’t Win the Lottery.” 

Do you make new year resolutions?  Me, I’ve never been much on that.  I do however set goals for what I want to try to accomplish over the summer when I’m able to put my author hat back on.  So, what do I have planned for this year?  That’s a good question because it’s something I haven’t given much thought to yet. Right now, I am just trying to plan out how to survive in my classroom until our next break, which is in four months! Lol 

   Okay, I will give it a try….. hmmmmm I want to……



Don’t roll your eyes at me, those are realistic!  😊 

All joking aside, I do have a few things I want to accomplish:  I would like to create more read-aloud videos for my books, start on a new book and possibly collaborate on another. More details about that one later. 

Learning how to get my books some recognition by entering them in some award categories would be fantastic!  Marketing is my weak link and I need to learn how to do it better without breaking the bank. 

 Painting and creating art more often is a must!!!  Last but not least, collaborate more with the wonderful organization, Sharks4Kids.
Maybe then, I will actually get to swim with some sharks one day! 

Creating art and books is a passion of mine but sometimes it can feel overwhelming and makes me question why I do it. The song,
"The Mountain" by Dierks Bentley is one of my favorites and I'm going to try to keep it in mind and let it inspire me this year with its wonderful message:  

Follow your dreams, the obstacles that lie in front of you are only a stepping stone. Take it one step at a time and you will climb that mountain. 

I am going to leave you with one last message....

 "Success is not defined by the end result, but rather the journey it took to get there."  Author Unknown

Wishing everyone a wonderful year! 

For more inspiration, visit my #Gr8blogs pals below.  (Ooooo, and we’ll let you know if you if one of us actually wins the lottery - 😁