Monday, August 17, 2015

Back to School

It's that time of the year again. Fall is around the corner and kids and teachers are heading back to school.  Where did summer go?  It seems like it went by really fast.  I would like a rewind please.

What is your favorite season?  I like all of them for all different reasons but summer is my favorite.  I like the hot temps, wearing shorts and tee's and not having to bundle up just to go outside. 

I'm not ready to head back for the new school year but ready or not it is time.  I got quite a bit accomplished this summer but there is still so much more I would have liked to done.  I have my ideas for my next children's book and a friend of mine and I are beginning work on our first novel! I'm very excited and will share more about it later on as it progresses.

If I am quiet for a while, be patient with me please, it's going to be crazy hectic for a while.  You can always chat with me on Facebook or Twitter.

For all the teachers and students heading back, I hope you have an amazing year!  :)