Monday, March 31, 2014


When I am trying to come up with a character or illustration idea, I will often look around me to find inspiration.  In my book Imagination Destination, the two main characters are cats.  Kali and Tuxedo are based on my own two kitties: Kali and Sylvester. They are really brother and sister and are going on 9 years old this year.  It wasn't hard trying to find them to look at so I could get their coloring as exact as possible since most of the time they were either in my lap, sitting in front of my computer screen or playing around my chair just to get my attention.  

I like putting a part of my life into my books.  If you look closely, you will find this picture somewhere in my book Imagination Destination.  Can you find it? 

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Color Experiment

I'm working on a color lesson for my art classes next week and wanted to share. 

You will need: 3 little plastic cups filled about half way with water, food coloring, 3 spoons, and gloves if you don't want to risk getting food coloring on your hands.

Do this with each color individually:

Start with the 3 primary colors, red, yellow, blue.
Place a couple drops of food coloring in the cup and stir to watch the color form.
Once you have all three colors formed, have your little one predict what will happen if you mix the colors?
Add drops of food coloring to form the secondary colors:

red with yellow to form orange

blue with red to form purple

yellow  with blue to form green.

I'm going to tell my curious little minds they are scientists for the day and we are doing an experiment.  My book World of Color , available at Amazontalks about color and how they are formed.  I will be reading this to them after we perform the project. For an older child, let them experiment with the colors and record their discoveries.  

If you give it a try, I would love to hear how it went and feel free to post pictures. If this inspires them to want to color, here is one my illustrations from World of Color that they can color all their own.
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Have fun!  Happy Experimenting :)
          Rebecca Lyndsey

Monday, March 17, 2014

Creating Art

      Hi everyone!  I am an elementary school teacher and last week I started a new job.  For the remaining school year I get to teach art to third, fourth and fifth graders.  There is so much I want to teach!  Right now we are limited to what we can do so I had the kids paint me a Winter, Spring or combined picture using the computer program Paint.  They did really well.  I loved looking at all the different ways the kids used the program.  I had beautiful winter scenes with blue skies, gray skies, snowy trees, snow covered cabins , falling snowflakes and of course, snowmen.  My spring pictures included colorful ROY G BIV (the color order of a, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) rainbows, gorgeous smiling flowers and lovely park pictures.  The one's that made me laugh were the combined Winter/Spring pictures.  I had students draw snowmen with lightning bolts pointed towards them because the kids are tired of this long, cold, snowy winter we have had. 

     I love to draw, color and paint using paper, paints, chalk, pencils, brushes etc.  It's relaxing to me but for my illustrations for my first book, World of Color,  I found my paintings wouldn't scan well and I was taking twice as much time on each page fixing them on the computer.  Eventually, I  started drawing them on the computer with the help of my drawing tablet and drawing/paint program.  My second book Imagination Destination, the illustrations are done entirely on the computer.  It takes some getting used to but is a lot of fun.  I still love my art supplies and use them whenever I get a chance.  Do you paint, or draw?  What mediums do you like to use?  Ever tried using a drawing program?  You can leave me a comment or talk with me on my Facebook page. You can also check out my Pinterest page to see some of my slate paintings I have done over the years.  I also have a few of my computer created illustrations on there as well.

     I'm hoping my students have a lot of fun with me these next few weeks and learn a little about art and how fun it can be.

Rebecca Lyndsey

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Book 2 Is Out

Did you know my first children's book, World of Color, was released?  Now, I am excited to tell you my second book Imagination Destination is also out!  Wow, I have two books out on Amazon, pinch me please haha. 

Here's the link:

You will join Kali the cat and her friends as they use their imaginations to create a whole new world around them. They will sail the open sea and fight pirates, use their superhero powers to help retrieve stolen jewels and help solve a lake monster mystery.  These characters help show kids the wonder of using their imaginations to create a safe make-believe world by using their surroundings while learning the value of staying active and playing outside.

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Rebecca Lyndsey

Sunday, March 2, 2014

My First Book Release!

      I am so thrilled and doing my happy dance right now! Want to know why? My first children's book World of Color is OUT NOW!!!  Woo Hoo! I am still in awe, somebody pinch me. Want to check it out for yourself? I won't stop you, you can even share the link :)

     One thing that is so cool about this e-book, is that it is interactive.  Just double-click over the illustrations and words to activate the pop-up photos.  I hope you and the child in your life enjoy the story and illustrations, I'm pretty proud of it. 

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     Rebecca Lyndsey