Monday, June 17, 2019

Ready, Set.....Jump into Summer Blog Hop!

Sun screen. Kids playing Marco Polo in the pool. Family road trips. Summer is in the air! My writerly pals and I are sharing our summer dreams and inspiration in the  C*U*R*R*E*N*T*L*Y  Jumping into Summer Blog Hop. For more summertime fun, click over to meet the awesome #Gr8Blogs bloggers listed at the end of this post.

In this blog you are learning a little bit about me....which is a rare thing for me to post so enjoy it! LOL  

Loving-- I am loving that I am officially off for summer break and my brain is all mine again!  All Mine!!! LOL That means I can finally start writing again because teaching full time doesn't leave a whole lot of time left for creativity other than trying to be creative in my classroom. 

 Reading- What are you all currently reading or planning to read this summer?  I am an avid reader and over the summer I can easily read a few books a week. Yes, I know I should be writing but reading helps clear my mind and I often find inspiration in them as well.  I am anxiously waiting for the release of Ann Charles new book in her Jack Rabbit Junction series, CC Hunters Three Heartbeats Away, and Kristy McCaffrey's Cold Horizon! But those are the only ones I have planned out. All three authors are faves of mine.  If you love funny, paranormal and romance then you should definitely give Ann and CC a try. If drama, suspense, with a tad of romance is more your speed, then Kristy is your gal.  She also writes wonderful westerns AND my favorite is Deep Blue which is about a woman who free dives with Great White sharks! Oh and CC Hunter is aka Christie Craig, who writes fun, contemporary romance/suspense. Looking for a new book for your kiddos? Check out my website to learn more about my books and don't forget about all the other amazingly talented authors at the end of this blog.

 Watching- Any movie or tv watchers out there?  What about Stranger Things fans?  I can't wait for the next season!!  I am also addicted to the young adult show on Hulu called Find Me in Paris.  I'm not sure when there will be new episodes of it but I know I will be watching for a release date.  As for movies, Aladdin is going to be a must see for me. That was my favorite Disney movie as a kid and so far the previews look pretty awesome. Will Smith as Genie seems perfect!  However, I don't think my hubby will join me so I will have to hijack one of my friends with kiddos. Haha! 

  Big fan of music here, are you? 
Do you have a favorite genre or are you like me and like a little bit of everything?  I do have concert tickets to see Cole Swindell and Justin Moore this summer, woohoo!! Any artists you recommend seeing?  I would love to see Jake Owen, Lady A, and Old Dominion again.  ZZ Top, Def Leppard, Nickelback, Luke Combs,  and Luke Bryan are a few that I want to see.  Refit Revolution (you can find on YouTube or on their website) is an amazing dance workout team with fantastic workouts set to some rockin' music!  Try them out! 

    Thinking About-- In a previous post I discussed with you my thoughts on needing and taking a break from the author world.  It's really hard to balance it all while working full time so summer is my only time I can really focus on it and this summer is no different, however I won't be working on a new book.  If inspiration hits, then happy dance for me but right now my plans are to focus more on the promotional side of things. Also, now that I have time, I will be creating more coloring/activity sheets for Sharks4Kids so be sure to check them out. 

 Anticipating- With any luck, I will find an amazing animation software...hopefully cheap....and create some fabulous new book videos.  I'm downloading a free trial of Adobe Character Animator as I write.  Will keep you updated! 

 Wishing---Ohhhhhh I could go crazy here listing things! What about you?  One thing is, I'm wishing to find a different career path. I love teaching but the stress of it is becoming way too much and I need to find a new path to follow. And while I'm wishing for things, maybe somehow I will get to go on an exotic beach vacation or on a big vacation out west. I hear Ann Charles always holds an amazingly fun summer event in Deadwood, SD for her fans! 

    * Making Me Happy - Reading, relaxing, creating and my hubby and fur babies! 

  On My Canvas--  Will I be painting this summer? Well of course! Do I know what it will be?  Nope, haven't got a clue. LOL But that's how it works for me.  I paint when the itch hits or if I find inspiration in a picture or scene I see.  You can see some of my previous pieces on my Pinterest page

How are you CURRENTLY jumping into this summer? Grand vacation plans or a more low key stay-cation? Checking off books on your to-read list? Please share in the comment section. If you are a blogger yourself and want to join our blog hop, just add your PG-13 post link below in the comment section. We’ll visit your blog and give you some blog love. And if you use #Gr8Blogs, we'll support your family-friendly summer-themed post. Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out.....