Thursday, April 5, 2018

Spring Is Here....I think

April is here and it is officially spring! Here however, it is a lovely 40 degrees with snow moving in for the weekend.  I LOVE snow but we had one day of 70 degree temps and that was such a tease! March was full of snow days, which for me, was Heaven but now I'm ready for warm temps, t-shirt and porch sitting weather.  How is spring beginning where you are?

Any spring plans?  I think every day in April and May at my school has something planned. I'm probably gonna be a zombie by the time summer break gets here. 🐲  I am excited about a couple of guests I have coming to my classroom in the next couple of weeks.  One, is artist Steve Harpster. Mr. Harpster teaches kids how to draw using letters, numbers and shapes. I have several of his books in my classroom, and we watch his YouTube channel a lot. Want to learn more?  Check out his website at Harptoons. As a class project, my students are creating his characters and putting them on a bulletin board as a welcome sign.  I can't let the kids have all the fun though, right?  Can you guess what letter is used to create this character?

Another guest I am happy about, is an organization called Sharks4Kids. This organization has paired me up with one of their amazing scientists and we have a Skype lesson scheduled for my third grade class. Next, they are going to take what they learned and create their own underwater watercolor painting.  The students are excited about this but honestly, I think I am more excited! Haha  The founder of this amazing group is also a children's book author and an equally amazing woman. I follow her on Twitter and if I didn't know any better, I would swear she was a mermaid from all the time she spends in the water. She swims with great white sharks, without the safety of a cage! I am a little envious to say the least.  Want to invite this Fintastic group into your classroom?  Swim on over to for more info.
Of course, GW is also going to make an appearance during this lesson. 😉
Into the Ocean
Fun time over. Time to get back to work. If anyone has a spare magic wand or an amazing beach house in the Bahamas they want to give me, you can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. 😁