Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Today is a day to take some time to remember all who have served and made sacrifices for our country, their country.  Some are still serving as I write this, others did not make it back to their loved ones and some were lucky enough to spend this day with their families and friends.  I wanted to take this time to say  Thank You to all of these men and women and let them know they are loved by so many and are never forgotten. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Book Reviews

This week I would like to talk about author reviews.  As you may know, I have two children's books out now which I am very proud of.  I am a new children's author and illustrator so I am trying my best to get my name out there.  I am getting some wonderful  5 star reviews on Amazon which makes me smile so big knowing people are liking my books.  I need to get some more reviews built up though because reviews help get my books recognized and will allow me to join sites that will help promote my books.

So if you have read my books and really liked them, please stop by and leave me a review.  If you already have, THANK YOU, THANK YOU :)  

If you haven't read my books and want to, here are the links for World of Color and Imagination Destination

Please feel free to share my links!   Thank you again and I hope you and the children in your life enjoy my books as much I did creating them.

Rebecca Lyndsey

Monday, May 5, 2014

Mother's Day Project

This weekend is Mother's Day. A day to celebrate not only your mother but any lovely lady who has been there for you, loved you unconditionally, taken care of you, hugged you, made you laugh and was there when you needed to cry.  I have been blessed enough to have several women in my life that fits this description.  My grandma was more like a mother to me then a grandmother and I loved her very much.  She passed away last Spring and even though I miss her every day, I know she is happy and in a better place.

To celebrate Mother's Day I have created a couple different art projects for my students to create and I'd like to share one of them with you today.  This one is for younger kids.  I found a couple of similar projects on Pinterest that I tweaked a little to turn it into a project I could use in my classroom.

You will need:  *Washable Tempera Paint (Green and any other colors you would like)
                        *White Paper or download my template from my FB author                         
                        *Foam plate 
                        *Paint Brush (optional)

Step 1:  Pour a little bit of green paint onto a foam plate.  You can either have your child place their hand in the paint or do I like I do and paint it on (they think it's so fun to have me do this)

Step 2:  If using my template, place your child's palm just above the flower pot to create the stems for the flowers.  Have them press down hard on the paper and then carefully pick their hand up.  If you don't want to use my template you can draw your own flower pot or create one out of construction paper.

Step 3:  Wash your green hand and get ready to make the flowers.

Step 4:  Choose the colors you want to use for your flowers and place a small drop on your foam plate. 

Step 5:  Create a flower design around the top of each stem by using only the tip of your finger.  Be creative and create the petals in one color and a different color for the middle. Create one flower for each stem.  

Step 6:  Color the flower pot and add leaves for the flowers.

Step 7:  Add child's name and age (optional)

I hope you have fun creating this project.  I will try to post some pictures after we finish them in class. I'm still hard at work on my illustrations for book 3.  Make sure to check out my first two books , World of Color and Imagination Destination out on Amazon now.  If you've read and loved them, please leave a review.
Rebecca Lyndsey

Update:  Here are a couple of pictures! I think they turned out great.  So cute!