Saturday, February 14, 2015

2015 Ups and Downs

    It's been a month since I blogged.....yikes! I've been so busy, is it really February already?  So far 2015 has had a lot of ups and downs.  We had an unexpected death in our family here recently.  It took everyone by surprise and she will be dearly missed but never forgotten.  

     I do have some good news to share, I have officially completed the illustrations for a project I had been working on for another author. This book was a challenge for me but I completed it and the author loved them :D Hoping it will be out soon. I will share more about it later on. Don't forget to follow me on Facebook for the latest updates. I'm also on Twitter and Google +  I feel very proud because this was the first project I did that wasn't my own book.  

My next project will be working on the formatting and getting my third book out on Amazon.  I'm excited, this time around I get to complete this step on my own. I'm sure I'll be pestering my publishing company with questions hahaha but hey I'm learning here. 

Okay, I'm off for the night. Don't forget to drop by and say hi. Since it is February 14....
        Happy Valentine's Day <3