Friday, December 19, 2014

Merry Christmas!

So Christmas is just a few days away.....yikes lol  Are you ready? I think I am.  I'm just ready for a break from work and looking forward to spending time with my family.  I have sisters coming in and my husband is also off.  It will be great seeing everybody.  What is your favorite thing about Christmas? Tell me here :) Facebook.

I was given a couple presents early this year.  My book Imagination Destination is now available in paperback!  I had a friend order it and have it sent to me to autograph for a Christmas present. It was so unreal holding the book in my hands. It was a *Wow* feeling.  I was also nominated for Best Children's Book 2014!  If you would like to vote for me, the links can be found on my author fb page.  I'm just feeling so happy and proud.  I couldn't have done any of this without all the support I have had. Thank you all!  

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving. Mine was wonderful. Amazing food and great company.  I was also lucky enough to have the week off, it was so nice! I actually had time to work on illustrations! I didn't get much else done though haha. 

This holiday is the time to share what you are most thankful for. I am thankful for so many things in my life. My family, friends, health, my job (even if it does drive me crazy sometimes lol ) I am so grateful that this year I was able to see a dream of mine realized. I had my very first children's books published! It's still feels so unreal to me.  I have loved to draw since I was little and I finally am able to use this passion in what I hope is a life long career. I had my first author signing the previous week and it went well. I got to meet some amazing authors, chat with some terrific men and women who I hope will stay in touch and check my books out on I look forward to more signings in the future. 

Tell me what you are most thankful for, just head on over to by Facebook page :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My First Author Event Soon!

I am having my very first book signing this month, Nov.21 a few days....squeal!! It will be at the very beautiful Greenbrier Resort here in WV during the West Virginia Reading Conference. There will be so much going on there, author signings, storytelling and other reading presentations as well as the opportunity of having lunch with your favorite author.   I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. I've been trying to prepare for the event. I have some decorations for my table, goodies to pass out and of course some promotional items as well. The one disappointment I have is that I won't have my books in print to sign due to some technical difficulties on my publishers end. I am going to go though and promote my e-books, make some connections, meet some wonderful people and have a great time! I can always remind people if they enjoyed my books and want an autograph, they can always go to It's easy, just look up my books and send me a request :)
If you happen to be there, make sure you stop by and say hi!
Here is the website where the event is happening and more about the event:

Sunday, October 26, 2014

New Toy... I Mean Investment

As you may or may not know, I am not only a children's book author and illustrator but also a full time elementary school teacher. This has been a very stressful school year and I haven't been able to work on illustrations like I want.  I've been needing a new drawing tablet for a while now and really wanted one that was portable so I could travel with it and not be stuck to my desktop all the time. Drum roll please..... I finally invested on one and I'm using it right now! It's not the one I was first looking at but it was highly recommended by a friend of mine who is also an illustrator.  I went with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and it has some wonderful features but drawing on it is not as easy as I would like.  I'm getting used to it though and better at it each day.  I will try to create a Halloween drawing to post later on in the week and see what you think.  If any of you use this tablet and have some tips for me, please contact me.  You can message me on my fb page @ or find me on Google+. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have an amazing week.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fall Has Arrived

Fall has officially arrived.  I love the smell of fallen leaves, crisp air and of course Halloween.  I just don't think I'm ready for the biter cold temps that are soon to arrive.  My Hubby and I went for a drive recently to enjoy this weather and I got some pretty pictures of the leaves turning and wanted to share ;)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Who Wants to Party?!

Hope everyone is doing fantastic!  Work is keeping me really busy but I'm trying to keep up with all my author obligations as well.  It's hard to balance everything isn't it?  I didn't start this post to vent lol but to tell you about two upcoming Facebook events I will be a part of this week.

The first one is tomorrow, Tuesday Sept. 23, and I will be on between 4:30-5pm eastern time.  This party is to celebrate a fellow children's book author and friend on her latest release.  The party will be going on all day so come and join in on all the fun!

The second event is on Thursday Sept. 25 and I will be on between 4-5pm eastern time.  This party is to celebrate my publishing company, Beau Coup Publishing, on it's first year out!  Woohoo!  I don't know if they will ever know how grateful I am that I found them and that they took a chance on me. Party will be going on all day! You will meet some fantastic new authors who writes in all sorts of different genres.  Come join in all the fun and games!  Can't wait to chat and have some fun :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Website

Breaking News!!  

I have redone my website and have a new address to give out...  Check it out and please share :)

I have turned some of my illustrations into coloring sheets and hope to add them to my site soon....if I can figure out how lol.

Hope you like it! Have a great week :)

Friday, August 29, 2014

Feeling Proud

Wow, the first weeks back to school have been full of fun, and a little chaos mixed in with some stress.  I hurt my back, probably doing something I shouldn't be doing, and haven't been on the computer much this past week.  I have managed to get all my illustrations complete for my third book except for the cover!  I'm thrilled! I do however have it sketched out, just need to get it drawn on the computer. Hoping to get it done very soon. 

So this week, I was excited when a fourth grade classroom I work in asked me to bring in one of my books to read to them.  Today I went in and read Imagination Destination.  I got to talk to them about the scenes in the book and how I came up with the idea for it, who my characters were based on, all the research I do, the ways I create my illustrations and how all of that turns into a book.  They were so enthusiastic and drawn into the story, curious and hopefully inspired to create their own story.  I was thrilled when I got to one scene where I give clues to who the mystery creature is and they were picking up on them and getting excited for the reveal.  It was so cool!  I created the book the way I did hoping it would pull them into it, get them wanting to go out and use their own imaginations to create some fun.  I accomplished that very goal today with that class.  I am so proud :)

Haven't read the book yet?  Here's the link:

Happy Reading!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Done! Well, almost.

For many of us, it's already time for our kids to start back to school for another school year.  Being a teacher, it's also that time for me.  I'm not at all ready to go back but I did reach my goal of completing all the illustrations for book three!  WooHoo!!!  I am going back now and doing touch ups on all of them, trying to settle on a title and doing one final edit of my story before I send it to my publisher.  There's still a lot more steps to go but I'm happy with the progress so far.  I can't wait to share this book with you!  Stay tuned for more but for now be sure to check out my other two books on Amazon: World of Color and Imagination Destination

Summer went by way to fast and this is me right now LOL 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

An Exciting Week!

Summer is coming to an end very quickly....too quickly.  My Hubby and I did finally find some time to go out and celebrate being married for eight years and have a little vacation.  It was so nice to get away even for a little while.  This week just keeps getting better and better though!  I have two awesome book reviews to share and I'll even be on the radio.

Book Review One:

Toni Lesatz from and her beautiful little girl created a video blog for my book World of Color.  It was so cool hearing someone else reading my book out loud.  It was beautiful!  I am so glad they enjoyed it.  However, they wasn't aware the interactive part was for the Kindle edition.  If you've bought the book or are in the mood too ;) , don't forget to double click on the illustrations for the pop-ups to show up and then double click again for them to disappear. 
Check out the vlog and to find the links for my book here.

Book Review Two:

Can you believe it!?  Two great book reviews in one week! Woohoo, happy dance!

This review is for my book Imagination Destination. gave me another great review and I couldn't be more thrilled.  I am currently working on my third book which involves many of the same characters from this book.  Can't wait to get all the illustrations complete and the book out! 

Read the review for yourself here: 

Radio Show:

Wednesday July 30, 2014  9pm eastern time, I will be on the radio show Freshly Booked talking about my books, what inspires me, and what my third book is about.  Come and listen

Wow! I have busy week!  Feel free to share the links and don't forget to find me on Facebook and Twitter, I love to chat!  

Friday, July 18, 2014

Happy Dance!

I am so excited!  Want to know why?  I just got my first official book review for World of Color from a children's book website and it was great!  See, now you know why I titled my blog post "Happy Dance".  Kids Literature and Authors is a wonderful website.  They really help out children's book authors and illustrators.  I am so thrilled that they liked my book.  It's always nerve wrecking when someone else reviews your work but it's also a wonderful feeling when they see all the hard work you put into it and understand what your goal was.  Well don't take my word for it, check out the review for yourself. 

I will now resume my happy dance  :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy Independence Day!

Hi everyone!  It's already July??  No! That can't be!  Summer is going by way to fast.  I am working so hard trying to get all the illustrations finished for book three before school starts back up again and this girl has to go back to teaching.  Plus, I do need some sort of vacation too.  Too many things, so little time. I need a personal assistant LOL   Or a machine to slow down time. Or win the lottery and be a full time author!  Ok, enough with fantasy time haha I need to get back to Kali and Tux and finish their story.  Hope you all have a safe, fun and fantastic Fourth of July :)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

My First Convention

This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend my first gaming convention, the Origins Convention in Columbus Ohio.  I was invited to go and meet a couple of fellow Beau Coup authors, Curtiss Robinson who writes Fantasy Adventure and Andrea Perno who writes Science Fiction. Also there signing books was a new science fiction author to me, Micah Cox. It was so fantastic getting to meet them all. They are amazing writers and just as amazing friends.  

My best friend was able to go with me and we had a blast looking around at everything.  We saw some cool games, amazing artwork, and some very creative costumes.  I had never attended anything like this before and wasn't sure if I would like it but it turned out to be a blast and I would certainly go back again. 

The high-point of the trip for me was actually getting to meet the other authors.  We are a tight group at Beau Coup but actually getting to see and talk to each other face to face was a wonderful experience.  If you get a chance, you definitely need to check out Curtiss Robinson's Heroes of Dae'Run series and Andrea Perno's debut book The Last Drop both out on Amazon. 

It is time for me to head back into my illustrating cave (it's just like a writer's cave lol) and continue work on my third book.  Catch ya soon!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Break

Summer break is almost here and I can't wait to finally have some time to devote to my third book. Woohoo!   I am using some of the same characters from Imagination Destination and creating a few new ones.   My fingers have been itching to get a hold of my drawing pen and tablet. 

I am also looking forward to being able to relax and maybe even go on a vacation.  A girl needs some inspiration, right?   Where would you choose to go on a dream vacation?  A beautiful white sand beach along the gorgeous blue green color of the sea , a scenic mountain hideaway or do you like the thrill of amusement rides?  I like all of those places.  I've never been to the beach though.  Never even seen the ocean!  A shock , huh?  Maybe this will be the year I go.  I just want to be able to get away, relax, and let my mind unwind for a few days and let the creative juices start flowing. 

I love to paint beach scenes just because of the brilliant ocean colors.  I painted an ocean scene for my interactive book World of Color.  You can even double click on the illustration in the book to reveal a real ocean rainbow scene.

Here's to the start of a wonderful summer vacation.  Come chat with me on my Facebook page at  Maybe you can recommend the perfect vacation destination.

Rebecca Lyndsey 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Today is a day to take some time to remember all who have served and made sacrifices for our country, their country.  Some are still serving as I write this, others did not make it back to their loved ones and some were lucky enough to spend this day with their families and friends.  I wanted to take this time to say  Thank You to all of these men and women and let them know they are loved by so many and are never forgotten. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Book Reviews

This week I would like to talk about author reviews.  As you may know, I have two children's books out now which I am very proud of.  I am a new children's author and illustrator so I am trying my best to get my name out there.  I am getting some wonderful  5 star reviews on Amazon which makes me smile so big knowing people are liking my books.  I need to get some more reviews built up though because reviews help get my books recognized and will allow me to join sites that will help promote my books.

So if you have read my books and really liked them, please stop by and leave me a review.  If you already have, THANK YOU, THANK YOU :)  

If you haven't read my books and want to, here are the links for World of Color and Imagination Destination

Please feel free to share my links!   Thank you again and I hope you and the children in your life enjoy my books as much I did creating them.

Rebecca Lyndsey

Monday, May 5, 2014

Mother's Day Project

This weekend is Mother's Day. A day to celebrate not only your mother but any lovely lady who has been there for you, loved you unconditionally, taken care of you, hugged you, made you laugh and was there when you needed to cry.  I have been blessed enough to have several women in my life that fits this description.  My grandma was more like a mother to me then a grandmother and I loved her very much.  She passed away last Spring and even though I miss her every day, I know she is happy and in a better place.

To celebrate Mother's Day I have created a couple different art projects for my students to create and I'd like to share one of them with you today.  This one is for younger kids.  I found a couple of similar projects on Pinterest that I tweaked a little to turn it into a project I could use in my classroom.

You will need:  *Washable Tempera Paint (Green and any other colors you would like)
                        *White Paper or download my template from my FB author                         
                        *Foam plate 
                        *Paint Brush (optional)

Step 1:  Pour a little bit of green paint onto a foam plate.  You can either have your child place their hand in the paint or do I like I do and paint it on (they think it's so fun to have me do this)

Step 2:  If using my template, place your child's palm just above the flower pot to create the stems for the flowers.  Have them press down hard on the paper and then carefully pick their hand up.  If you don't want to use my template you can draw your own flower pot or create one out of construction paper.

Step 3:  Wash your green hand and get ready to make the flowers.

Step 4:  Choose the colors you want to use for your flowers and place a small drop on your foam plate. 

Step 5:  Create a flower design around the top of each stem by using only the tip of your finger.  Be creative and create the petals in one color and a different color for the middle. Create one flower for each stem.  

Step 6:  Color the flower pot and add leaves for the flowers.

Step 7:  Add child's name and age (optional)

I hope you have fun creating this project.  I will try to post some pictures after we finish them in class. I'm still hard at work on my illustrations for book 3.  Make sure to check out my first two books , World of Color and Imagination Destination out on Amazon now.  If you've read and loved them, please leave a review.
Rebecca Lyndsey

Update:  Here are a couple of pictures! I think they turned out great.  So cute!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Illustration Inspiration

For my book Imagination Destination, the inspiration for my two lead characters were my very own cats.  I am currently working on my third book and the illustrations for it.  It will include many of the same characters from Imagination Destination with some new characters as well.  I've been working hard but haven't gotten as far as I would like.  Hopefully I will get more time to devote to them soon.

Staying active and using your imagination will be included in this book as well as having a focus on bullying and how it could be handled.  Two new characters are based on a white Persian cat and a Siamese cat.  

Hopefully you will love these characters as much as I do.  I wanted to post up a sneak peak of one of my illustrations including these characters but unfortunately I am having troubles with the file.  I am hoping I don't have to redo the whole thing.  I will keep you updated and hopefully be able to post a reveal soon.  Back to drawing for me.  Have a great week :)

Rebecca Lyndsey

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Easter

Spring Break has finally arrived!  I am taking advantage of being off this week by doing some spring cleaning, catching up on my To Be Read list and finally being able to start the illustrations for my third book. I am excited to finally have the time to dedicate to them.  Hoping to have my book out by this summer :)

This week also happens to be Easter weekend. Easter is not celebrated the same way by everyone, some people celebrate Spring. Do you have plans?  Any traditions you and your family share?  I always loved coloring and decorating eggs, hiding and finding Easter eggs, searching for my Easter basket and of course eating chocolate. Finding books in my basket was always exciting!  I loved to read as a child, I still do, and I was lucky enough to have a family who read to me.  What was one of your favorite things to get for Easter any special memories?  Feel free to leave me a comment.  You can also find me on Facebook.

Did you know you could color eggs by using Kool-Aid? Need more Easter/Spring food or craft ideas?  Head on over to my Pinterest page, just click the board All For Kids.

 Need a gift idea?  Check out my two children's books on Amazon for Kindle.
World of Color and Imagination Destination , just click on the title. 

Have a Happy Holiday!

Monday, March 31, 2014


When I am trying to come up with a character or illustration idea, I will often look around me to find inspiration.  In my book Imagination Destination, the two main characters are cats.  Kali and Tuxedo are based on my own two kitties: Kali and Sylvester. They are really brother and sister and are going on 9 years old this year.  It wasn't hard trying to find them to look at so I could get their coloring as exact as possible since most of the time they were either in my lap, sitting in front of my computer screen or playing around my chair just to get my attention.  

I like putting a part of my life into my books.  If you look closely, you will find this picture somewhere in my book Imagination Destination.  Can you find it? 

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Color Experiment

I'm working on a color lesson for my art classes next week and wanted to share. 

You will need: 3 little plastic cups filled about half way with water, food coloring, 3 spoons, and gloves if you don't want to risk getting food coloring on your hands.

Do this with each color individually:

Start with the 3 primary colors, red, yellow, blue.
Place a couple drops of food coloring in the cup and stir to watch the color form.
Once you have all three colors formed, have your little one predict what will happen if you mix the colors?
Add drops of food coloring to form the secondary colors:

red with yellow to form orange

blue with red to form purple

yellow  with blue to form green.

I'm going to tell my curious little minds they are scientists for the day and we are doing an experiment.  My book World of Color , available at Amazontalks about color and how they are formed.  I will be reading this to them after we perform the project. For an older child, let them experiment with the colors and record their discoveries.  

If you give it a try, I would love to hear how it went and feel free to post pictures. If this inspires them to want to color, here is one my illustrations from World of Color that they can color all their own.
 You can post them to my Facebook page

Have fun!  Happy Experimenting :)
          Rebecca Lyndsey

Monday, March 17, 2014

Creating Art

      Hi everyone!  I am an elementary school teacher and last week I started a new job.  For the remaining school year I get to teach art to third, fourth and fifth graders.  There is so much I want to teach!  Right now we are limited to what we can do so I had the kids paint me a Winter, Spring or combined picture using the computer program Paint.  They did really well.  I loved looking at all the different ways the kids used the program.  I had beautiful winter scenes with blue skies, gray skies, snowy trees, snow covered cabins , falling snowflakes and of course, snowmen.  My spring pictures included colorful ROY G BIV (the color order of a, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) rainbows, gorgeous smiling flowers and lovely park pictures.  The one's that made me laugh were the combined Winter/Spring pictures.  I had students draw snowmen with lightning bolts pointed towards them because the kids are tired of this long, cold, snowy winter we have had. 

     I love to draw, color and paint using paper, paints, chalk, pencils, brushes etc.  It's relaxing to me but for my illustrations for my first book, World of Color,  I found my paintings wouldn't scan well and I was taking twice as much time on each page fixing them on the computer.  Eventually, I  started drawing them on the computer with the help of my drawing tablet and drawing/paint program.  My second book Imagination Destination, the illustrations are done entirely on the computer.  It takes some getting used to but is a lot of fun.  I still love my art supplies and use them whenever I get a chance.  Do you paint, or draw?  What mediums do you like to use?  Ever tried using a drawing program?  You can leave me a comment or talk with me on my Facebook page. You can also check out my Pinterest page to see some of my slate paintings I have done over the years.  I also have a few of my computer created illustrations on there as well.

     I'm hoping my students have a lot of fun with me these next few weeks and learn a little about art and how fun it can be.

Rebecca Lyndsey

Amazon Link

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Book 2 Is Out

Did you know my first children's book, World of Color, was released?  Now, I am excited to tell you my second book Imagination Destination is also out!  Wow, I have two books out on Amazon, pinch me please haha. 

Here's the link:

You will join Kali the cat and her friends as they use their imaginations to create a whole new world around them. They will sail the open sea and fight pirates, use their superhero powers to help retrieve stolen jewels and help solve a lake monster mystery.  These characters help show kids the wonder of using their imaginations to create a safe make-believe world by using their surroundings while learning the value of staying active and playing outside.

Please don't forget to share :)  I love hearing from my readers and I'm always up for a chat.  Find me at

I'm also on Pinterest and Goodreads. 

Rebecca Lyndsey

Sunday, March 2, 2014

My First Book Release!

      I am so thrilled and doing my happy dance right now! Want to know why? My first children's book World of Color is OUT NOW!!!  Woo Hoo! I am still in awe, somebody pinch me. Want to check it out for yourself? I won't stop you, you can even share the link :)

     One thing that is so cool about this e-book, is that it is interactive.  Just double-click over the illustrations and words to activate the pop-up photos.  I hope you and the child in your life enjoy the story and illustrations, I'm pretty proud of it. 

Don't forget to find me on 

Facebook- and now on Twitter,  I would love to hear from you.

     Rebecca Lyndsey

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Happy, Happy, Happy

      I am ecstatic to let you know that my first children's book, World of Color, is almost through its final stage and will be released soon.  Excuse me while I do a happy dance :) I am so thrilled on how it turned out and I hope you are as well.  This book is for ages 4 to 8 and I am so proud to be not only the author but also the illustrator.  Color is so important in life it can affect our moods, behavior, and emotions.  It is found all around us but what if the only colors that existed were black and white?  That thinking was the inspiration for this book.

     My second book is Imagination Destination and it won't be long before it is out also.  I am still so amazed that this is even happening.  This book is longer than the first and more for the age range of 6-10.  Technology is wonderful and a huge part of our world but because of game systems, computers, and TV, children don't need to use their own imaginations as much. This book shows kids how they can use their imaginations to create a fun, new world while being active.  

     January and February have been very snowy and cold for many of us. Due to this weather, I have had some snow days at work.  It's great to have a day off and I took advantage of that time by working on some drawings and coming up with some ideas for my next book.  What do you like to do when you are lucky enough to have a day off? Read a book you have been anxiously waiting to have time for, write the next bestselling novel, sleep in, get caught up on chores or maybe go outside and play in the glistening snow?  I have been seeing some terrific pictures of kids building snowmen, snow sharks, and even snow superhero's!  They're amazing! Kids and adults both can be so creative.  If you have any snow pictures and would like to share, I would love to see them.  You can post them on my Facebook page or jus stop by and chat. I would love to hear from you.

Everyone stay safe and warm. I will keep you posted on my book release so stay tuned!

                   Rebecca Lyndsey

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Brand New Year

Happy New Year! 

 I don't know what 2014 has in store for me but 2013 opened up many doors and I'm so grateful to many and hoping I can do my best to make a success out of the opportunities I was given.  2014 looks like it's going to be a fun, exciting, busy and  learning experience year for me.  I have been working hard on two books that are set to be released soon, I hope you check them out: World of Color and Imagination Destination. 

Wishing you all the best for 2014,

Rebecca Lyndsey