Sunday, May 18, 2014

Book Reviews

This week I would like to talk about author reviews.  As you may know, I have two children's books out now which I am very proud of.  I am a new children's author and illustrator so I am trying my best to get my name out there.  I am getting some wonderful  5 star reviews on Amazon which makes me smile so big knowing people are liking my books.  I need to get some more reviews built up though because reviews help get my books recognized and will allow me to join sites that will help promote my books.

So if you have read my books and really liked them, please stop by and leave me a review.  If you already have, THANK YOU, THANK YOU :)  

If you haven't read my books and want to, here are the links for World of Color and Imagination Destination

Please feel free to share my links!   Thank you again and I hope you and the children in your life enjoy my books as much I did creating them.

Rebecca Lyndsey