Friday, August 29, 2014

Feeling Proud

Wow, the first weeks back to school have been full of fun, and a little chaos mixed in with some stress.  I hurt my back, probably doing something I shouldn't be doing, and haven't been on the computer much this past week.  I have managed to get all my illustrations complete for my third book except for the cover!  I'm thrilled! I do however have it sketched out, just need to get it drawn on the computer. Hoping to get it done very soon. 

So this week, I was excited when a fourth grade classroom I work in asked me to bring in one of my books to read to them.  Today I went in and read Imagination Destination.  I got to talk to them about the scenes in the book and how I came up with the idea for it, who my characters were based on, all the research I do, the ways I create my illustrations and how all of that turns into a book.  They were so enthusiastic and drawn into the story, curious and hopefully inspired to create their own story.  I was thrilled when I got to one scene where I give clues to who the mystery creature is and they were picking up on them and getting excited for the reveal.  It was so cool!  I created the book the way I did hoping it would pull them into it, get them wanting to go out and use their own imaginations to create some fun.  I accomplished that very goal today with that class.  I am so proud :)

Haven't read the book yet?  Here's the link:

Happy Reading!