Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Color Experiment

I'm working on a color lesson for my art classes next week and wanted to share. 

You will need: 3 little plastic cups filled about half way with water, food coloring, 3 spoons, and gloves if you don't want to risk getting food coloring on your hands.

Do this with each color individually:

Start with the 3 primary colors, red, yellow, blue.
Place a couple drops of food coloring in the cup and stir to watch the color form.
Once you have all three colors formed, have your little one predict what will happen if you mix the colors?
Add drops of food coloring to form the secondary colors:

red with yellow to form orange

blue with red to form purple

yellow  with blue to form green.

I'm going to tell my curious little minds they are scientists for the day and we are doing an experiment.  My book World of Color , available at Amazontalks about color and how they are formed.  I will be reading this to them after we perform the project. For an older child, let them experiment with the colors and record their discoveries.  

If you give it a try, I would love to hear how it went and feel free to post pictures. If this inspires them to want to color, here is one my illustrations from World of Color that they can color all their own.
 You can post them to my Facebook page

Have fun!  Happy Experimenting :)
          Rebecca Lyndsey