Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Break

Summer break is almost here and I can't wait to finally have some time to devote to my third book. Woohoo!   I am using some of the same characters from Imagination Destination and creating a few new ones.   My fingers have been itching to get a hold of my drawing pen and tablet. 

I am also looking forward to being able to relax and maybe even go on a vacation.  A girl needs some inspiration, right?   Where would you choose to go on a dream vacation?  A beautiful white sand beach along the gorgeous blue green color of the sea , a scenic mountain hideaway or do you like the thrill of amusement rides?  I like all of those places.  I've never been to the beach though.  Never even seen the ocean!  A shock , huh?  Maybe this will be the year I go.  I just want to be able to get away, relax, and let my mind unwind for a few days and let the creative juices start flowing. 

I love to paint beach scenes just because of the brilliant ocean colors.  I painted an ocean scene for my interactive book World of Color.  You can even double click on the illustration in the book to reveal a real ocean rainbow scene.

Here's to the start of a wonderful summer vacation.  Come chat with me on my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/authorrebeccalyndsey  Maybe you can recommend the perfect vacation destination.

Rebecca Lyndsey