Sunday, August 4, 2019

For the Love of......BOOKS!

In honor of Book Lovers' Day on August 9th, my writerly pals and I are sharing all the ways we love books in our #BookLuvHop . Visit the awesome bloggers listed at the end of this post and find more ways to celebrate this day. If you blog, add your feedback and share your family-friendly blog link in our comment section, and we'll spread blog love your way!

If you've read my blog posts you may already know that I am not only a children's book author/illustrator but I am an avid reader as well and love to support the authors I love. I am a beta reader for a few authors and if you're not quite sure what that is, a beta reader reads the story after it has been through many, many edits and it's the beta's job to spot any errors those before may have missed. No, I do not get paid. I do this because I support these friends of mine and want their book to be the best it can be and I feel honored they trust me to do it. So in honor of Book Lovers' Day, I am sharing with you categories of some of my favorite authors. Who knows, they may become one of your favorites as well.  

Young Adult that Adults Can Enjoy

CC Hunter- Magic, paranormal, romance and mystery describes this authors Shadow Falls and Morticians Daughter series.  You may also enjoy her book This Heart of Mine which is about a young girl who needs a heart transplant but with her new heart comes the memories of the previous owner that changes how people thought he really died, but will they believe her?

J.K Rowling- HARRY POTTER!! Need I say more? 

Sariah Wilson- I have loved this author since I read her book #Starstruck which is still one of my top favorites. Sariah writes cute romance with lots of heart, humor and drama mixed in. My faves are #Starstruck, #Awestruck and the Friend Zone

Contemporary Romance

Ruth Cardello- This author is as amazing as her books are. She really loves to connect with her readers through social media. She writes steamy romance full of heart, and drama with a combination of escapism and realism.

Shannon Stacey If you love humor and snark with mixed with your romance then this is the author for you. I have read every book in this authors Kowalski series some three times or more!  I am so excited because she has a new book coming out soon.

Jill Shalvis Another author with witty, funny and strong characters. I have been a fan since I first found her Lucky Harbor series. Since then I have probably read fifty of her books! Lol

Romantic Mystery

Wendy Delaney- Her books are what I would call a cozy mystery. Do you enjoy funny, quirky characters? Then give this series a try. Her series, Working Stiffs Mysteries has a brand new book coming out in August called Crazy, Stupid, Dead a Working Stiff Mystery book 7 but I would start with book one since some parts do thread from book to book.
Kathleen Brooks- Mystery, romance, suspense, humor and southern charm is what Kathleen's books are all about. I have been hooked since I read her first book Bluegrass State of Mind, which can be found for free on Amazon. (hint, hint) Kathleen has a way of bringing her fictional Kentucky town to life and extending her characters into several different series. From what I hear, she has a new book coming on in August as well.  Oh and if you like magic, check out her newly released series Moonshine and Magic.

Christie Craig- So the YA author CC Hunter I introduced you to earlier....she is also known as Christie Craig with her adult romantic mystery books.  What I love about this author is the humor and strong, witty woman characters she adds to her books. Gotcha is my favorite of hers but all her books are just as equally as wonderful.

Gemma Halliday-
This author was probably one of this first authors I read on my Kindle and I still have a place in my heart for her High Heel Series which she has a new book coming out this summer which is exciting because there hasn't been one for a long time.  I really need to read her Wine and Dine series, which is on my wish list!


Ann Charles with Sam Hunt- You have probably heard me mention this author before. She ranks top on my list of favorite authors and this year she co-wrote the first book in her new series with her husband Sam Hunt.  Ann has several series out so you are sure to find one you enjoy. What I love best about her books is the way her characters feel so real. I want to live in their town and be their friend.  If you like paranormal then check out her Deadwood Humorous Mysteries, Deadwood Undertaker, or her AC Silly Circus Mysteries. If paranormal is not your thing but you still enjoy humor, wit, and romance mixed with a good mystery then check out her Jackrabbit Junction Mysteries or her Dig Site Mysteries. You can't go wrong with whichever series you choose.

Terri Reid- If you like shows like Ghost Whisperer then you will love this authors Mary O'Reilly series. Mary has a unique ability, she can see and talk to ghosts. Sometimes she needs help solving what the ghost needs but she has some fantastic friends to help her out. If you are a Kindle Unlimited user, Loose Ends, the first book in the series is free and so are many of her other books. 
She has also released the third book her Willoughby Witches series. If the Salem Witch trials interest you, this may be your new favorite series.

Contemporary Adventure

Kristy McCaffrey- This author stole my heart with her book Deep Blue, a book about a kick-ass intelligent lady who free dives with great white sharks! Since then I have read several of her books and they are all amazing. Her stories are full of intensity, romance, and suspense. Her latest novel, Cold Horizon, takes you on an adventure to K2, the second highest mountain on earth! Very intense book. I admire those who are brave enough to tackle such feats but I will leave that to them and I'll stick to books. She recently released a novella to her Deep Blue book, Deep Blue: Reunion Island, which gives a glimpse into what the characters are up to now. If you are a historical western romance reader then this author is also your best friend.

Rick Chesler- Again, an author won me over with a book about sharks.  In this case though, the book is more science fiction then reality.  This author has numerous adventure books and I'm sure you will find one you enjoy. I recommend Hotel Megalodon and Atlantis Gold!

Children's Books...... Of  Course!!!

Jillian Morris- Creator of and author of Norman the Nurse Shark

All of the #gr8tblogs authors on this #bloghop journey listed below are all wonderful children's book authors, so be sure to check them out. 

Recently I created a read-aloud preview video for my book Into the Ocean. You can check it out here.  

As an artist I believe a picture can tell a story all on it's own and I can't end this blog without mentioning my friend Charles Urbach. He is an AMAZING science fiction artist. Check out all is wonderful art on his webpage  or find him on fb. This is one of my favorite pieces! Appropriate for this day I think!

Have permission to share from the artist. 

Ever tried recycling an old book and turning it into a piece of art?  I recently gave it a shot, inspired by Rosie Russell who introduced me to this new fad.  

Thanks for visiting.  Please be sure to check out what these amazing fellow authors/bloggers have in store for this #BookLuvHop. I'm sure they will inspire you and put a smile on your face! 

Cat Michaels

Rosie Russell

Auden Johnson 

James Milson

Sandra Bennett


  1. Thanks for including me!! And I've not read any Rick Chesler. Will have to check him out.

  2. Love the approach you took for Book Lover's Day, Rebecca, by sharing your favorite authors in different genres. I may look into the Deadwood Mysteries by Ann Charles. Thanks for the list and best wishes! 🤠 🐻 ❤️

  3. Wow, Rebecca, You are a HUGE bibliophile! I want to read almost all the books you've listed here. I know some of these authors, but there's many more you suggest that I'd love to read.

    You are so creative with your own book art and animated book trailer. Inspired here to pick up a book and just kiss it -:D.

    1. Yay, Cat! You were able to comment! LOL Yes, I read quite a bit. Thank you for the sweet comments!

  4. Hi Rebecca, That is an impressive and comprehensive list of reading suggestions. I've not heard of any of those authors, (except JK, of course). You have tempted me to hunt a few down. Very clever video book trailer too, well done, inspiring!

    1. I hope you do and you'll have to let me know what you think!

  5. Rebecca, thanks so much for your post and the lists of authors to check out.
    Thanks again for sending me your amazing book art for my blog. I love it! Books and art are so much fun.
    Your audio clip of "Into the Ocean" turned out fin-tast-ic! :)
    Happy Reading!

    1. You are very welcome and thank you for the sweet comment!

  6. What a comprehensive reading list you shared! And how cool is your book art? Jealous of your book trailer - I'll have to attempt this one day. Loved your book, Into the Ocean, by the way. Keep all those creative juices flowing - it's paying off!

  7. The book heart is really cute! Very creative!
    Here's my blog post for Book Lovers Day if you want to check it out:

  8. Thanks for the recommendations! I'll have to check some out. I love a good paranormal story.