Monday, July 31, 2017

Happy Book Lover's Day!

Are you a book lover like me? I not only love to write books, I love to read them! Children's books, YA, contemporary romance, paranormal, mystery, and everything in between. Hahaha

In honor of Book Lovers' Day on 9 August, my amazing author pals and I are having fun this week by sharing all the ways we adore reading with the #BookLuvHop.
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So do you have a favorite book, book memory or favorite author? I have many! Does that surprise you? Haha I always had many books growing up. My dad loves to read, as do both my sisters and step-mom. Now my dad on one hand loves thrillers, but my brain likes to take those books and turn them into vivid dreams so I stay away from them....mostly. 😉  Have to say, Harry Potter is one of my all time favorites! Along with the Magic Tree House books, Junie B Jones, Goosebumps and I could go on and on. If you enjoy paranormal books filled with romance, humor, and drama then you need to check out Ann Charles and her Deadwood series. In fact, you can't go wrong with any one of her books. She is an amazing writer!
I love to bring my passion for books into my classroom. My position is art and technology. There are so many wonderful ways to combine art and books. I will often read a story to my students, discuss it along with the illustrations and then have them create their own piece inspired by that book. Deep Space Sparkle has many author/art projects if you want to learn more ways to do this.
I get asked numerous times if my students know I am an author and illustrator and the answer is Yes. I have a copy of one of my books, Imagination Destination, in my classroom as well as the school library.  I haven't created an art project to go along with my books but maybe that is something I will do in this coming school year. I might even see if I can work some of my wonderful author pals into projects as well. Possibly even asking them to Skype with a couple of my classes.
Summer break is about over and yes I want to cry. I have accomplished a lot but not as much as I really wanted to. I did get my new children's book written! I've sent it out to a few friends to get input and so far, so good. I do believe this book will be classified as an Early Reader Chapter book. I still need to decide on illustrations and learn how to format it but I am excited for its release. I am going to try to get it published before Christmas.
If you're looking for a new children's book right now, you really should check out Cat Michaels and Rhonda Pagila's new releases on Amazon. Cat's link can be found below.
Thanks for visiting. Hope you've enjoyed learning a little bit more about my book love. Please visit these awesome bloggers next, who will inspire you and make you smile with more book loving in the #BookLuvHop  #Gr8Blogs
 Enjoy the day and the rest of summer! ☀

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  1. I really enjoyed this blog Rebekah, thank you for sharing a little more about your background. I bet your student's must love the fact they know a real live author who just happens to be a super cool teacher! Bibliophiles unite!

  2. Had fun learning more about your life. That's one thing I think all of us authors have in common - we are die hard book fans! Best of luck with your new children's book.

  3. Loved your blog Rebecca! Yes, art and reading go hand in hand. It was one of my favorite times in the classrooms talking about how the author and illustrator came together to create the story.
    I wish you a wonderful school year!
    Thanks for sharing your blog!