Friday, October 6, 2017

Happy Fall!

October?? Already? When did that happen? Haha! Been a long beginning of the school year but things are finally starting to calm down and a routine is becoming the norm. I have been able to get some illustrations done….all of them in fact. 😁 So now I’m working on the cover and then it’s finishing up the formatting. I’m hoping to have it published on Amazon by November. Into the Ocean will be my first kids chapter book for early readers. This book explores our world’s oceans and the sea life that calls it home. I will be posting more about it later, on my Facebook page so make sure to follow me.

Are you a fall fan? I’m sad to see the warm temperatures slowly fade away but I love Halloween and Thanksgiving, then Christmas and snow isn’t far away. One of my favorite things about Halloween is creating Halloween decorations in my classroom for our big school event. Love to draw? You should check out for some fantastic how-to draw videos and books by Steve Harpster. My students are having a blast! The decorations this year are going to be Spooktacular! What is your favorite thing about fall?
Time to get back to my cover design! So excited! Can't wait to share!

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